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Our mission at Solarite is to provide the best solar solution to suit the needs & demands of your lifestyle. We choose to use only high quality parts to make sure your investment in solar is producing power well into the future


Each and every system that we design are carefully planned from scratch. This allows us to accurately create a system that meets your budget and energy needs. Our CEC accredited designers will guide you through the options and potential system arrangements, showing you the benefits of each and helping you make the right decision.


If you have an existing system that isn’t performing as well as you would like, or even worse, it’s not working at all, then we can help. Whether it be fault finding and repairs to old systems or an upgrade to your current system we can provide the solutions for your problems


When it comes to your solar system, there’s a couple of major parts for you to decide on. These are the panels, which take sunlight as energy to generate DC electricity, and the Inverter, which converts that DC electricity into AC electricity for you to consume.


With so many panels on the market today it’s hard to decide which ones to choose. So below are a few that we recommend to suit all budgets.

The Jinko Cheetah MONO PERC Modules are a great affordable panel. They offer an above standard warranty and performance at a price that’s hard to beat. These are a very popular choice due to their price, availability and popular name.

QCell Q.Peak DUO-G5+ are an excellent performing panel at an affordable price. The QCell panels have been around for several years now, and built on that is the award winning range of G5+ panels. With improved technology and strength, they now have a huge 25 year product warranty. There’s no wonder these are our number one selling panel.

If you want the best, than look no further…

  • Long life performance
  • Class leading temperature coefficient
  • Excellent warranties

The REC Alpha series of panels range in size from 260 to 380 watt. With an ultra-low temperature coefficient, these panels will continue to work well, even through those hot summer days.



Helping you make an informed decision on the right solar panel for you and your home. Contact us today!


Fronius, the makers of the worlds best string inverters, and the Enphase Micro Inverters, which offer great performance & flexibility.

Fronius have been making solar inverters since the early 90’s, in that time they have become an industry leader in technology, performance and reliability. They offer a wide range of sizes and types to suit most installation conditions. They are widely regarded as the best string inverter on the market, and this is why we strongly recommend.
The Enphase micro inverters, these clever devices are installed to each individual panel, this means that each panel is effectively its own solar system. They are great if you have shading issues or a complex roof design, and they also offer greater performance due to their individual nature. These inverters can be paired up to any of the solar panels that we recommend.


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Servicing from the South of Lake Macquarie to Taree


* Prices are based on a tin roof install, in our service area, at current STC prices. Prices are indicative only and to be used as a guide. For an accurate price please contact us for a quote.

Standard Range

5.28 Kw System
16 Jinko Cheetah 330 Watt Half Cut Panels
4 Kw Single Phase Fronius Primo Inverter


Standard Range

7.92 Kw System
24 Jinko Cheetah 330 Watt Half Cut Panels
6 Kw Single Phase Fronius Primo Inverter


Premium Range

6.6 Kw System
20 QCell QPeak. Duo G5+ 330 Watt Panels
5 Kw Single Phase Fronius Primo Inverter


Premium Range

12.54 Kw System
38 QCell QPeak.Duo G5+ 330 Watt Panels
10 Kw Three Phase Fronius Symo Inverter


Elite Range

5.92 Kw System
16 REC Alpha Series 370 Watt Panels
16 Enphase IQ7+ Micro-Inverters


Elite Range

9.99 Kw System
27 REC Alpha Series 370 Watt Panels
27 Enphase IQ7+ Micro-Inverters



When designing your system, extras may need to be included. Things like tilt frames for flat roofs, tile feet for tiled roofs, or meterbox/electrical upgrades. We can help guide you through these at the time of quoting. Other things that you can add on to a system is generation/consumption monitoring. This is something we strongly recommend as it can help you keep on track of your energy usage and get the most out of your solar system, which in turn saves you money in the long run.

Fronius Smart Meter

This is a device that connects inline with your main incoming power cable and communicates with your Fronius Inverter. It will monitor exactly how much you consume from the grid. It then passes this information through your inverter and on to your smart device via wifi, giving you a great insight into how your systems performing and how you can better manage your energy usage.

Solar Analytics Monitoring

Solar analytics offer a more advanced and accurate monitoring system, and can be added to any new or old system. This Australian designed product works completely independently and has a long list of advantages including but not limited to…

  • Real time data solar production levels
  • Home energy consumption
  • System performance analysis
  • System fault notifications
  • Savings through solar used and exported
  • Configurable savings data (for bill checking)

Enphase MyEnlighten

Enphases own MyEnlighten software comes standard with all Enphase systems we install. It offers a great window into your systems performance at a panel level, which is great for finding any issues straight away. It also has bot consumption and production monitoring, all displayed on one user friendly page.

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